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Here is what some of our fans have to say:

"Meet Norman, he has been fed on a Raws for Paws diet since he was a puppy. He has grown to be strong, healthy, happy, and full of energy. He loves the chicken necks and chicken backs, when he is not eating the combo blend. The turkey necks make for a great snack too."
Eric L.

"My boxer girl Mia as a puppy could not grow and develop like she should have. She was having very loose stools and not getting the nutrition she needed. After several trips to the vet and at least a dozen different foods the problem was still bad. So a fellow dog parker suggested raw frozen patties to add to the kibble. Finally I started to see some improvement in her condition, and as I slowly added more patties and less kibble she got even better. So no here she is a year and a half later she has filled out and is very healthy. Thanks to Raws for Paws I have a place to get the meat needed to keep her that way." 
Dana B.

"Here are my boys! They love raw. My Boxer has many issues with food, and he does best with raw. I recently found raws for paws and I am so happy!!"
 Jessica Lindquist S.

 "No, the man in the picture is not small (he's 6'2"), it's just that our pups Deutschie and Max have grown up to be BIG, strong and healthy on Raws for Paws beef and turkey! In between feedings, you'll find them enjoying their favorite treat, the meat bones, which keep the boys busy for hours!" 
Liz E.

 "Jake and Henrietta are loving the pet combo pack. For snacks and treats they love brussels sprouts, carrots and blueberries. Yum!" 
Janell B.

 "This is my raw fed crew! Left to right: Remi, my German Shorthaired Pointer (1.5 years), Morgan, my Chocolate Lab (3.5 years), and Nallah, my Black Lab (5.5 years)! They are thriving on their raw food diets and REALLY enjoy your bison products!! Look at those smiles :-)" 
Kelly Jo 

"Josey (aka: The Outlaw) came to us as an emaciated stray from Iowa. Immediately, Josey thought she was in heaven when she was fed her Raws for Paws chicken!!! So excited, she howls daily when her meals are being prepared!"
Diane S.

"Miss Tulip is a puppy mill rescue. She spent the first ten years of her life being mistreated. She is now in her forever home and loving life! Although all of her teeth needed to be removed for her own comfort, she LOVES, LOVES her chicken, turkey and beef!"
Karen N.

"Kayden, our two year old German shepherd, LOVES the ground beef and organ mix. If we're out (or it's still thawing in the fridge) she walks up to her bowl with the dry dog food; sniffs it and walks away. She also loves the big knuckle bones!"
Borg Images