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How to order:

1. Simply shop online like any other store, add products you wish to purchase to your basket. Items under "Products We Ship" are available for shipping, add them to your bag, just like any other item. Items not under "Products We Ship" are only available for in store pickup. Check out our in store pickup hours under our In Store Pickup tab. 

2. When you are ready to checkout press the checkout button next to your basket in the upper righthand corner.

3. The products in your basket should be listed, with the total in red at the bottom. Use the recalculate button at this time if you have made any changes in your order. 

4. If you are a returning customer, please press the Login & Checkout option to proceed with your purchase.

5. If you are a new customer, or if this is your first time using our new site, we kindly ask that you press on the Proceed to Checkout Tab under New Customers.

6. Enter in your billing information.

7. After you have placed your order print your invoice. Since you have already paid online, you will not need to stop into the office when you pickup, simply enter in the front door, and proceed straight to ring the buzzer with your invoice