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Benefits of a Raw Pet Food Diet:

Many pet owners who have made the switch from processed commercialized pet food to a raw pet food diet will be the first to tell you about the improvements they have seen within their pet. Some changes are obvious and some are more subtle, some occur immediately, and others take time to occur, but all changes include beneficial improvements in your pet's health. Here are a few of the benefits you obtain by switching to a raw food diet:
1. Increased energy levels. You will see an increase in stamina, and your pet will become more active and involved when playing and taking walks.

2. Healthier looking body mass. Your pet will lose unwanted weight and gain lean muscle mass. This will increase your pet's metabolism, and increase life span.

3. Better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Your pet will have fewer and smaller stools with fewer odors.

4. Stronger immune system. You will see your pet's health improve dramatically and fewer visits to the vet are likely to follow.

5. Improved skin and coat. Your pet's coat will dramatically improve and will become thick, luscious, and healthy once again. The color of their coat will also be rich.

6. Healthier teeth and better breath. Tartar build-up will be replaced with clean shining teeth, and much improved breath.

7. Stronger reproductive system. Problems with reproductive system will improve over time with persistent raw food feeding

8. Increased mobility. Your pet will experience a new life and much greater mobility.