We are excited to announce that we now offer shipping for our 40 - 50 lb. Pre-Made Pet Food Packages under "Products We Ship"! Our services include flat-rate, next-day delivery (business days only).

  • You can find the products we ship under our "Products We Ship" tab on the homepage.

  • We are able to ship up to 3 pre-made pet food packages at a time per customer. Each package will be in its own box.
    • 40 lb.-45 lb. Packages= $20 Shipping
    • 50 lb. Packages= $22 Shipping
    • 80 lb.-90 lb. Packages = $40 Shipping
    • 95- 100 lb. Packages = $44 Shipping
    • 120 lb-135 lb. Packages = $60 Shipping
    • 140-150 lb. Packages = $66 Shipping

  • Products not under the "Products We Ship" category are pickup only!

  • We use Spee-Dee Delivery as our shipping courier, and we currently ship to the following states:

- Minnesota
- Wisconsin
- Iowa
- South Dakota
- North Dakota
- Parts of Nebraska
- Illinois
- St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area

If you do not live in one of the states listed above and would like to order our products, please e-mail us: