Raws for Paws is a Minneapolis, MN, raw pet food company that has been committed to improving the overall health, quality of life, and happiness of your pet since 2007. We are different from other pet food providers as we provide fresh, natural, human-grade, raw meat for your pets. Our ingredients are fresh from the farm, and free from any grains, anti-biotics, or steroids.

At Raws for Paws, we believe in feeding our pets what they were biologically designed to eat, a natural diet that mimics a diet of animals in nature. Our mission is to help pet owners provide a healthier source of nutrition to their pets by selling at affordable wholesale prices. We are committed to educating you with the benefits of feeding your pet raw food as an alternative source to processed commercialized pet foods, as well as providing you with the resources to do so.
Take a look at some of our customer's success stories with a raw pet food diet. They are real examples of how a raw food diet can positively impact your pet's overall health and longevity. We love and appreciate our customers! Thanks for choosing Raws for Paws as your pet food provider.